Supporting Milton Keynes to cut carbon emissions and save on energy bills.

At Milton Keynes Community Energy, we put community and social benefit at the heart of everything we do.

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Incorporating Wolverton Community Energy

We’ve been supporting communities across Milton Keynes since 2015 as Wolverton Community Energy. 

This year, we’re embracing our city wide reach as MK Community Energy.

Our work covers both community-owned renewable generation as well as programmes to help reduce the energy we use, cutting costs and carbon emissions in the process.  Our community stretches across the whole of the area within the Milton Keynes City boundaries.

Community-owned solar generation

Camphill community solar

We work with a wide range of individuals, businesses and voluntary and community organisations to explore opportunities to generate renewable energy and to use the resources to support local communities.

  • Generating close to 2 million kWp of community solar energy, equating to a reduction of 760 tonnes of carbon emissions.
  • Delivering community projects and great energy prices for our partner organisations.
  • Investing profits back into local community.

Home retrofit solutions

A Home Energy MK "Housewarming" session with the local MK community

Funded by Milton Keynes City Council, we provide clear, independent, and expert guidance for homeowners wishing to upgrade their homes to cut heat loss and carbon emissions.

  • Home energy advice and support on everything from insulation, solar PV and heat pumps, to grants and MK retrofit stories.
  • Working with expert partners offering retrofit services like heat loss assessments and whole house plans for heat pump readiness.
  • Supporting community energy advice events across MK.

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Help us find more rooftops for solar

Are you considering solar for your premises?
Looking for cheaper, greener and stable electricity prices?
Are you happy to support the local community in the process?

Get in touch if you have a roof that is suitable for at least 20kW of solar.

Rooftop solar PV installation
Call for MKCE directors

Call for new Directors

Our breadth of work is increasing. We are looking for new Directors to join our team to help steer our progress. 

Talk to us about joining the team. 

Are you a landowner?

We are keen to talk to any landowners who might be interested in a community-owned solar farm.

Contact us for information and to learn more.

Are you a school, business or community organisation in Milton Keynes?

Join the growing number of businesses and institutions that are slashing their energy bills and making the switch to affordable, sustainable energy.

Bannister House Solar, image courtesy of Repowering London

Bannister House Solar, image courtesy of Repowering London

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